our favorite fall reads.

september happened & for me that meant it was finally appropriate to pull out the fall decor & bring on the pumpkin. abel was on board... i mean, he's my son so of course he was. with the fall decorations, we brought out all of his fun halloween books as well, and since this magical day he has been OBSESSED with pumpkins. what? music to my ears? naturally, my mom showed up with a bunch of stuffed pumpkins for him immediately (because she's great like that... & because he chewed every fake pumpkin i put out within minutes) and he hasn't let them out of his sight. we're talking, pumpkins on the high chair for breakfast, at the coffee table, in the car... you name it. it's 100% adorable, like most things abel does & it makes me incredibly happy to see his interests peak & change. next week i'm sure pumpkins will be old news & it will be all about something else, but for now pumpkins it is & officially happy fall to us! below i've shared some of our favorite books to read this season, enjoy!

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