my boys.

firstly, two words... my husband. heart eyes all day.
in all seriousness, i just think he is a beautiful human being. i look at my kids and i see his face & am so thankful. more than that though, his heart makes mine melt a million times a day. he gives us his everything. he works hard all day so that i am able to stay home with our littles & raise them up, and then he comes home and gives more. i love him so much & am thankful thankful thankful for who he is & how he loves us.
second... abel. he is suddenly a teenager & he has to stop because my heart can hardly take it. he's the very best. he loves to play & have fun 24/7, him in his new clothes for fall... i can't even, the way he loves his sister and snuggles up with us daily is the sweetest ever, and he & chris... that's the sweetest bond in the world. i love that little boy to my end. thank you Jesus for these two boys... lucy and i are the luckiest.