first snow of the season!

We had our first snow last week, thanksgiving has come & gone, we put up our tree & the merriest time of year is officially in full swing! The big kids were old enough to do more than potentially harm the ornaments this year & it really was all I'd ever envisioned when it came to holidays & kiddos & traditions. Abel was so intentional with his process, picking & choosing perfect spots for each ornament. He explained what "jolly" is to me while he trimmed that tree, and I can't believe the difference almost 4 years makes in your kids... mind blowing. Lucy sang & bounced around the room, needed help with most of the ornaments & loved on sweet isla. 'Tis the season for all things jolly, I'm so thankful for our little family & what God has given us.
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Rebeca said...

Great reead thank you