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happy new year! this was hard, because i love just about every post from the past year, but here is a little recap with a few pictures and links to re-live the magic of our 2015. looking back was as usual, so much fun and also like "where have my babies gone?!" but looking forward feels even more special. i can't wait to see what the Lord has for us in 2016. enjoy!

in JANUARY we went to hawaii + played at the beach... also herehere and here. abel said his first prayer - i cried real tears, and we celebrated the best two years of our lives... two sweet years of him!

in FEBRUARY we were, chosen by the honest company, lucy turned 5 months old, we partnered with shutterfly + shared some of my favorite mobile photography tips! and planned for exciting things to come in the following months!

in MARCH we got our moccs on in one of our very favorite collaborations to date, grocery shopped, i shared my heart, and we went to the springs and pueblo to visit family!

in APRIL we bought our house! huzzah! i started my own photography business, we celebrated one of my very favorite holidays - easter, and my sister and i went to hope spoken in dallas!

in MAY we had baths + giggles, got warm weather early! i told stories worth remembering, and we celebrated birthdays + mothers!

in JUNE we spent LOTS of evenings on the green grass, made progress on our house, attended the chalk art festival! and enjoyed farmer's market season!

JULY brought a very happy fourth! we went to california to see family + play at the beach! spent most of our time at the park, lucy turned 10 months and we got a new family member!

in AUGUST we shared a recipe for our happy, played catch up sharing photos, denied that lucy was eleven months old, talked about how easy like sunday mornings... aren't, AND warrior dashed like it was our job.

in SEPTEMBER we shared our family photos, lucy was suddenly ONE, we camped, took up two whole posting days sharing our time in estes park... & part two, and relived hawaii through little movies... now i want to go back AGAIN.

OCTOBER brought pumpkins and more pumpkins, an affair, and things i'll never tire of... and of course halloween.
NOVEMBER was quiet
we remembered my dad + had thanksgiving with family. one of my close friends got married and i was there to witness :)

in DECEMBER we paid tribute to both abel lucy, played in the snow, ate lots of sweets, spent time with chris's family + enjoyed each other and a very special christmas.

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