park days, for days + days.

summer for us is spent at the park, if it happens to have a splash pad + a giant rock formation of shrek toes sticking out of the earth, even better :)
these gems are from a fun weekend about a month ago before our computer took a swim. i'm gratefully typing this up from our new computer and feeling so happy to be able to continue documenting life here on my sweet little blog. apparently blogs are 'so out' and instagram rules, while snapchat is trying to take over? well, let me just put on record that this blog is here to stay,  IG will probably continue to get posted to the most, and there is almost a 100% chance of me never joining snapchat, huzzah! so there's that.
this weekend was one for the books. it had been some of the first sunny days after a month of rain + we were soaking it up to the best of our ability. we wrapped it up with lucy getting a fight club black eye, and i am not exaggerating. she started walking at nine months and in return pretty much always has a face full of bruises(cry my eyes out). she does so well, and thinks she's big, but she always, always leads with her face. thankfully, babies heal quickly and she didn't seem to be in much pain after the initial incident, AND i only had to get weird looks + questions of why my baby had a black eye for a short 10 days or so. 
if you've got kiddos in fort collins, spring canyon has the best splash pad + playground... get there.
cheers to more days in the sun! july 4th has come and gone, so naturally i've already started sliding talk of fall into most of my conversations haha! not nearly as bad as usual, but it's making it's way towards the front of my brain. popsicles + tan baby toes! there, back into summer ;)

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