horsetooth family hike!

over the weekend we hiked!
we'd talked about doing this for a while + the weekends would always be over before we knew it, but this past sunday, the kids were napped + fed and so we made our way to the reservoir to "climb some big rocks" as a family. soooo happy we checked this off of our summer bucket list, abel L O V E D it + was seriously a champion hiker. he never wanted to be picked up a single time + watchin' his cute little booty climb those rocks was by far a new favorite image i'd like to be forever burned into the forefront of my mind. lucy had a front row backpack seat + i high fived myself at the end for doing the whole thing with almost 20 pounds strapped to my chest. huzzah! SO thankful for chris + for his sense of adventure + NEED to be active! i hope both of our kids get even a 1/4 of his energy, so far it's looking that way... can i get an amen!?

^^^there's the booty :)))

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