because i couldn't possibly catch up posting these through IG.

i usually use my big camera for blog posts, and post my phone photos through instagram, but i take so many pictures, and haven't been gramming much lately, so these need a place to be printed from!... maybe i need to bring back gram friday's on this blog, we'll see! anyhow, three cheers for a picture heavy post + mini updates, and i promise the scrollfest will be worth it, because there's a shot of lucy booty within it ;)

^^^from lately at the park! abel went on and on when we left about playing with uncle kieran!

^^^from when we all went to ed sheeran and then the fry's had their baby the next day :) also, ed... amen!

^^^i take so many morning and snuggly pictures, it makes ME even wonder if we ever get out of our jammies around here!

^^^lucy officially LOVES snuggling all the lovies in the house, and PEACHES fanatic! however, blueberries take the cake.
^^^back in june we went to steamboat, where i took a whopping 5 pictures! and below, a truck bed night with my two pals watching chris play soccer, our house is coming along, and a few hundred MORE cute shots of my littles because i'm near obsessed with them.
bye! xoxo

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