our 4th of july!

three things.
1) the picture above is my new favorite + deserves to be blown up and hung on the wall in our home, period.
2) i have computer access! three cheers for staying up entirely too late + getting this post written + some photos edited before returning this laptop to it's generous owner :) 
3) fourth of july weekend was wonderful.
...hot + sunny, complete with parade, bbq, fireworks + family.

we took the kids to the parade in the morning which will be one of our little family's traditions. the past two years honestly haven't been too spectacular, but it feels like the thing to do + we love going anyway. we followed it up with some bluegrass music at the avery house, a stroll around old town + a pit stop at the farmer's market for some peaches! later we spent some time at ashton's grilling, and the kids ran around naked, splashing + having the best time ever, then stopped by city park to mingle with some friends, and finished the day by watching the fireworks from the framework of our addition... so special, i can't wait to live in that place :)
hope you had a happy weekend too!

^^^abel loved collecting candy + flyers in his hat, and him waving that flag around was the cutest :) 
^^^the chubby little hands slay me, also she looooooves peaches
^^^scrunch face forever + ever, amen

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