emerson sloan || part one

emerson is here! a week fresh now, and the most stunning + soft little angel... it's clear she's straight out of Heaven, and i CAN'T believe my kids were ever so little (cry my eyes out). i was privileged to be alongside taylor and tylar for as much as my two would allow + was so happy to capture a few shots leading up to her birth. taylor was a stunning example of a woman in labor + i pray that i had and will have as much grace as she did. tylar was so loving towards her, and there for her every need, it was so sweet to be on the outside of that scenario + see the love of a husband displayed for a wife in need... praise you Lord for marriage + for sweet healthy babies, bring 'em on!

^^^love story of a lifetime, he SERIOUSLY loves his auntie tay
^^^it feels like we've been in the hospital for a baby every 9 months for the past 2.5 years, and we truly have been, this time as visitors :)

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