lucy does...

L U C Y...

smiles + sits up immediately when she wakes, like she was never asleep

does the cutest- hands on the sides of her head/face - thing, i can't stand it

got her first freckle, on her leg

wants to hold emerson... it's so precious and so strange for her being so young to want to hold her, but she reaches out like, here ya go, put her here, i've got her!

has the most precious toddle there ever was

is OBSESSED with sneaking into wherever abel is sleeping, just so you will chase her and she can giggle her face off

snuggles all the lovies she can get her hands on.

has the thickest + curliest eyelashes

is starting to follow + kicks balls

is very best friends with abel

loves to climb into things -- cabinets, abel's drum kit, baskets, you name it!

gives hugs AND kisses

is a bottomless pit + will eat nearly anything you give her except oatmeal (so far!) + always, always chooses fruit, veggies, or meat over starch or sweets (whaaaat?!)


i feel like i'm forgetting a million things, and i probably am. what i do remember + always will though, is the dose of sunshine that lucy is. she is so beautiful, and her sweet spirit beams so bright ALWAYS... that's why she's our sunshine girl. i can't believe we have a DAUGHTER. i'm so excited to continue watching her grow + learn + become who God intends her to be.

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