abel says...

abel says, 

i got you, you won't fall (when referring to YOU having HIM)

mama seatbelt on, adel seatbelt on, wootee seatbelt on, err body seatbelts on (the seatbelt scenario can be replaced with nearly anything, today's bath version... butts-- "err body has butts" --yes they do sweet abel)

sit in wap

the way he says the "ch" sound kiiiiilllls me + also my name... like the other night in the dark, while laying down to put him to bed, he reached over and touched my face and said "hiwawee" --- no words, just tears.


waaait for meee!

abel come too.

...he is in the sweetest stage right now, and hearing him talk or tell stories is the very best ever. we lovingly have referred to him as the town cryer, because he gives you a play by play of EVERY THING THAT HAPPENS, ever. from what diaper pattern everyone is wearing, to who did what + why they went to time out for it; we love it so much + also get a giggle when we pretend to be ringing a bell + repeating his news in our best town cryer voice, all while speaking it in his language.

in other news...

he's ticklish under his armpits

has the sweetest gruff voice

will eat just about anything (aside from "green parts") if you break it up into "shark bites", extra points if you chant "shark bite oo ha ha" from finding nemo, after each one.

he had the best conversation with me the other morning about all that he did at auntie's house while chris + i went to a concert, so detailed and precious.

he loves to help with any + everything, "abel do it"

just wants to know you're here with him <3 nbsp="" p="">

red may be his favorite color, always always chooses it with no prompting.

he loves baby "emeryn" + has kissed nearly every available inch of her

loves firetrucks (firef*cks as he says- crying laughing emojix100)

he loves to be outside, chase, race, swing + go down the slide, do flip flops(forward rolls) until his cheeks are bubble gum pink + he smells like stinky toddler.

was caught spanking arrows booty + sending her to "tiNeout" once last week.

is as sweet + snuggly as he's ever been, so gentle + caring, and is the wildest BOY when it comes to everything else

truth be told, i wish i had a reality show or some sort of paparazzi hanging with us on the regular, because i never want to forget any of the precious things my kids say and do. even sitting down to write these posts + making notes in my phone as they happen- still feels like not enough, i want to remember it all, and play it over + over... bottle it up for when they're grown + gone and i need a smile or a good cry :)

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