our time at the tiny tot trick or treat!

hello! happy monday, and november too! halloween is done + gone over here, and the christmas tunes are in full swing! it's taking all i've got not to put up our tree, but i'm hoping + praying that our little house can be finished by christmas and that i will be putting it up in that space, so it's helping stall me! plus, i want a real tree this year, don't they just smell so good?! i couldn't let too much time pass before i got this post up from our time at the tiny tot trick or treat! what a great way to trick or treat! all of the cute shops in old town come together + give out candy, and it was such a fun and safe way to take the kids out :) we loved it, and will definitely do it again in the years to come. 
abel was "super abel", and everyone kept calling him the flash... he had no clue what they were talking about, as he was just super abel to him, and to me too! he wanted red, and this is what we found! he wore it for both the week leading up to, and following halloween... best $20 i've ever spent. it's now finally been peeled from his body + washed, and it makes me so happy that it makes him so happy. lucy was a little fairy, and i can't believe she's as old as she is. she is such a little, big girl. little in size, and so much more advanced than you know in the brain department. basically 1 going on 3. i love them both so stinkin' much, i don't even have the words.
family is the very best + holidays are that much sweeter with them around! now on to thanksgiving, and my very favorite, christmas eve! xoxo

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-m said...

Doesn't Halloween become so much more awesome when you have kids?