em-eye-aye + exciting news!

missing in action is right... at least here on the blog front. i've got a minimum of 7 drafts waiting to be finished, pictures on pictures waiting to be edited + uploaded + arranged for your viewing pleasure, and the rest of life has felt a little bit like that too lately. no really.... i've handwashed three sink-fulls of dishes in the past week, just to avoid unloading the dishwasher, oy.
i'm such a one track mind... when i get an idea in my head to do something, it's got to be start to finish, no pit stops... (now i see where abel gets it). so i focused my mind on this specific task, one that definitely deserved some focus, + though other things have been back burnered, i'm excited to announce that that ol' "photography" tab at the top of this page (or this link HERE if you're on bloglovin')... well it now officially links to a real life website for my photography business... huzzah!
i've been timid about sharing this + plunging head first into this venture, but after a long time of maybe-ing + more than a handful of affirmations from the Lord that this was something i needed to do, i'm here. photographer... 
it just feels brave for me to say out loud that i'm not dabbling + that i'm going all in. so tell your sister, your mom, your friend + your dog... i want to take your picture! + in the meantime, head on over and see what's up on the other side of "the hill".
lastly... this means i can finally dust off this sad, neglected blog + give you your daily dose of my children... since i know you've missed them ;)
love to you on this fine tuesday, i hope you're full of joy today + every day.

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