lucky number seven.

i thought before lucy was 8 months old would be a great time to mention that she is 7 (and a half) months! two teeth, crawlin' everywhere, pullin' up on everything, trying new foods + still being the sweetest thing since the chocolate chip cookie. aside from the milestones, i never want to forget the little things she does that make her, her. like the way she lays her head onto my shoulder when she's feeling shy, or when she's just woken up... or the fact that she crawls the same way abel did, one leg scootchin'. the way she claps her hands + how she grumbles herself to sleep when we're driving in the car. she LOVES the bath, and she adores abel + everything he does... it's pretty sweet that she thinks anytime he runs around or does something funny, that it was JUST for her. she laughs + gets excited, and starts bouncing on her booty like she's cheering him on. early riser, thumb sucker, mama snuggler, and that sparkle in her eye is still shining brighter than ever, i love her. 

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