happy birthday husband!

today celebrates the best man on earth.
happy birthday chris!
my heart celebrates this guy's life every day, but today I'm especially grateful! I'm thankful for his parents, and the family he came from, I'm thankful for the heart God placed inside him, I'm thankful for his dreamy eyes and the smile lines that accompany them... It's all part of what makes him who he is today! Chris, I couldn't have created a husband from scratch that's better than you. you are the very best part of my days, the most incredible father to our littles, and I still tear up and think, "wow, I can't believe I'm married to him," on a regular basis. I'm so lucky to have you to love, thanks for celebrating life with me daily. you're the best... I love you.

this morning we celebrated at snooze for breakfast! hooray for pancakes :)

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