an affair...

y'all, i've been cheating on my computer... + really my phone, and work, and everything else too, with... 
my husband
...and suits.
i don't feel guilty at all, not even a little bit.

i mean, have you seen who i'm married to? or better yet, met him? point made.
PLUS, we started watching SUITS + we are soooo hooked it's not even funny. we totally think we are lawyers now + so bad*ss, and stay up until unreasonable hours together watching it + talking about it the next day... it's the best. reminds me of our time together before kiddos + we're having a blast.

date your husbands + wives, it's one of the best things you'll do.
+ if you're doing that in fort collins, head to POUR BROTHERS + order the Scrumpy's Apple Streusel Cider, yummmm.

bye felicia.

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