a b e l

Abel is so special. I've truly never met another child like him. he's kind and gentle, thoughtful and funny. he's wild & willful & naughty too... but as he gets older, all of his very special qualities that I love so much, stand out more and more and it's so awesome to watch unfold and think to myself, "that's my kid! how'd I get so lucky?!" he's the very best & at any given time can be heard telling me I'm pretty, or saying that he loves someone "so much" ...and always delivered in his sweet Abel voice. for Christmas he doesn't want any part of Santa, "no Santa, just mama give me presents" and when asked what he'd like, his response is either "presents red & green (with books inside)" or "a big snoopy & lights on my tree"... so simple, so sweet... 

he loves cookies, and almost any time he's given one, exclaims in the most hysterical voice that I wish I could describe, but an impression is really the only way to get it across... "I love cookiessss, they're my favoritttte"

he and Lucy both... frosty FANATICS. breakfast, lunch and dinner it's frosty the snowman. I couldn't count the number of times I've drawn frosty for them, complete with two eyes made outta coal, a button nose, corncob pipe, scarf, magic hat with flower, three buttons, a broomstick in HIM hand, and occasionally feet... just depends on the day. if I short cut and leave any of these features out, Abel will be the first and only one to let me know. also, the frosty mix tape I could make with the number of videos of them singing and dancing along with these pictures in their hands is dying to be put together. maybe next year ;)

miss miss tree, amen.

alllll the fings (things) :)

eat it alllll up in my tummy (with arms stretched making a big circle gesture)

he's currently asleep next to me with his hand draped around me in a snuggle...

does it get better than this?! 

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