i love lucy

lucy is a firecracker. a whooooole lotta special in a little tiny package. 
at 15 months, she is the sweetest, most snuggliest little angel on the planet. complete with raspy voice, vocabulary way extended for her age, and mohawk/mullet hairstyle that just won't quit. i haven't found a quality in her that i don't like. she would have you read to her, all day... the same few books on repeat... i'm beginning to think it's all about the page turning. my early riser, up with the sun + always smiling. she's willful, and rambunctious, and WAY to interested in things that aren't for her... like EVERYTHING abel does. one going on three...she climbs and rolls and runs and screams and still sadly, leads with the head. for being so coordinated, the girl just can't catch a break when it comes to physical accidents... usually to the face, oy. my favorite thing she is saying right now is "hi... do?" and when i answer with what i'm doing she says "oh." she loves toys like blocks + things that work her brain, and will play on her own and be perfectly content with them. she loves her daddy so much; always has, but these days it's unbearably heart warming. just over one year is such a fun + challenging age, i remember when abel was this age thinking to myself that it's when parenting actually began (whoa) + also that he was the coolest ever... i'm feeling all those same feels round two, except maybe a little more seasoned as a parent + not so "what the heck is going on here?!" still a little "what the heck is going on here?!" though, don't be fooled.
raising children is full of so many lessons, and boy do we need Jesus to do it. my biggest prayer each night is that i do right by them, and by God. that chris and i can discipline strongly + love gently at the same time. that we don't ever crush their spirits, that we (I) can always CTFD before responding to melt downs + bad behavior, so that i can respond with love, and always show them what an in control person looks like (heaven help me)(embarrassed monkey emoji). i pray that we teach them how much jesus loves them, and how special they are, AS they are, and that the Lord continue to equip us and hold us tight as we journey through. 
lucy girl, i love you so much. i've loved you since the minute i knew of you, even more when i found out you were my gift of a daughter, more so when you were born, and my cup runneth over and over every day since. your beauty stops me dead in my tracks on any given day, and your light is always shining bright like the morning sun. i'm thankful for your crooked grin, your little hands around my neck or in my palm, the way you love frosty, your brother and your daddy + i, and the joy you carry with you wherever you go. thank you for blessing us, i love you sweet girl.

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