maybe i'll become a flower photographer...

okay, kidding. but i will warn you ahead of time, this post contains at least a half dozen photos of some of the most gorgeous birthday and mother's day flowers in history... our home looked and smelled like a flower market for about a week, juuuust the way i like it.

so i know, we are already onto memorial day weekend + i'm behind at blogging and all of that, but now felt like as good a time as any to recap 27 + the celebration of mamas!
my birthday was just as lovely as the year before it, and the year before that (+ that, and that -if you're really feeling reminisce-y). fresh flowers, hot + fresh donuts, tulips on tulips, mickey mouse + my people. we don't take birthdays lightly around here, and chris always makes the day so special for me. 
^^^cutest cousins... they are finally becoming buddies + it's the cutest thing ever. abel is getting so much practice on how to treat ladies, "pretty flowers row row" + also the donut frost covering his jammies... i love him so much.
^^^that donut was the size of his face, he prefers taking a bite or two out of every donut however, instead of sticking to just one. 
^^^probably the best card ever received haha! my friends from afar even made me feel so special :)
^^^lunch at the rio! margaritas, sopapillas, and the best candle blowing helper in the game.
^^^my crew... allllll the heart eyes.


i get suuuper lucky, because my birthday + mother's day fall right next to each other, so honestly it feels like a week of celebrating, huzzah! we had mother's day brunch at ashton's + then parted ways to spend time with our own little families. i for once, chose to do nothing and just relax vs. always doing some sort of project, and it was lovely. i'm so thankful to be a mom, to have a mom (+ mother in law) and to experience the love between parent and child. i know what a blessing that is and i don't take it for granted.

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