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the first time i heard this quote i fell in love + burned it forever into the forefront of my mind. i am a pretty simple person when it comes to "things"... i know what i like(most days), i don't put a whole lot of value on "stuff", i'm pretty practical, and since hearing this particular quote a few years ago, i have really learned to be intentional with how i spend my dollars + apply it to nearly every purchase i make. 
as those of you who have been around these parts know, up until two years ago we lived only with what would fit into (or on top of) our two cars. chris was playing soccer professionally + we went where the team was. it always felt semi-permanent, so we never brought many things with us. we thrifted and borrowed furniture + i used mostly photos (surprise!) as our one source of decor. this really taught us a lot about NEEDS and wants, and how wonderful a simple life could be. since then, we've settled + are now building onto our house, and it feels like as good a time as any to clean up and clear out the excess + again be very choosey with what we keep and/or bring into our home!
when i downloaded the Orange Harp app for shopping high-quality products that support a socially conscious lifestyle, i was delighted! i wasn't overwhelmed by a surplus of options that would send my indecision into a frenzy, but happily found carefully curated + unique products and brands that support SO many wonderful things! i am drawn to people, to stories... at Orange Harp, you are not only introduced to an assortment of great products (a few of my favorites above) but also the people behind the products and the stories that make them who they are... that gets me excited + makes me want to shout the good news to everyone i come across, starting with YOU!

Orange Harp is an easy to use + FREE app that you can download HERE, or search Orange Harp in the app store. All products above can be found on the app, and 1% of each purchase made will be donated to Not For Sale. Thanks for stopping by, Happy shopping :) 

***This post is was sponsored by Orange Harp, however all opinions on this blog are 100% my own + always will be :)

1) sheswai - love bag -- 2) dandelion chocolate -- 3) future glory - moto rolltop backpack
4) bralette - naja -- 5) bogobrush -- 6) soy jar candles - pura botanica

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