a rainy day read...

being stuck inside is no one's cup of tea around here, so last week when it rained + rained, we had reached our limit of tv + home, and i was just about ready to load everyone up in the car + go anywhere but here, i decided to stay... to be still + present. so we pulled out a few of our favorite books + an hour went by before i knew it. i captured the sweetness of the scene + was a better mom for not fleeing to car solace when there was fun to be had. i have really been focusing on slowing down + quieting my mind lately, so that i can feel less scattered + really savor life + all of the moments that make it up. this was a good reminder of why i should continue putting focus there... so worth it.
these two are the very best. watching them interact with one another is like opening my most desired christmas gift every single day. 
reading with abel here + here!

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