lately it has rained + rained + rained + rained + then rained some more. i've missed the sun + i've especially missed these sunsets. i am thankful for the moisture, and the vibrant green that's now singing from every direction... i'll be extra thankful though when the clouds leave town + we can park it outside 24/7... bubbles, swinging, racing, dandelion picking, popsicles... all the best that sunshiney days have to offer. this all being said, we've been home a lot so nothing crazy interesting to report, just some pictures that never made instagram, or this space anywhere else, but that definitly deserved a place. i hope you're having a wonderful day so far + that there's sunshine where you are!

^^^this picture looked so sweet on my iphone, + then i saw it enlarged and realized that she's blinking + poking him in the eye, hahaha.. SO i didn't nail it this time, but it was a very sweet morning  + so i love it still. 
^^^they are truly the sweetest duo

^^^heart melting
^^^and again. 
^^^teenager... staahhhp it!
^^^i can't imagine a world where i don't pick up toys all day, sweet scenes like this one left behind by my guy really are heart warming for me
^^^hey check it out! they dug a big hole next to our house!! + then as mentioned... rain. so it's sort of a small pond now, but nonetheless... progress!! 
thanks for stopping by! we've got a happy little bunch around here + we appreciate YOU for following along with us :)

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