last wednesday, i celebrated 26 years of life. chris had the most beautiful display for me to wake up to & some of the people i love the most in this world came over for my favorite meal, breakfast. chris made homemade donuts that i had been dreaming about for a week prior & am still dreaming of today... drool worthy people, like never buy another donut again good. it was the best morning & i just felt so so so loved & happy. afterwards, i was surprised by a day trip to estes park with my little family of three and half (which i will share tomorrow) and finished the day with dinner at my sister's. birthdays are to be celebrated, every day should be really, because every day is a new day of life, a new day for experiences & love & gatherings. i'm so thankful & this was only a reminder of the love & blessings that surround me. 26, here's lookin' atcha!

& later that night...

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