T&T... Dynamite.

meet taylor + tylar... aka the cutest couple around these days. i was so happy when tay asked me to take their engagement photos + even happier with how they turned out! it's really not hard to take a good picture of great looking people who just act natural in front of the camera + have fun... and that is exactly how this went.
on top of loving their pictures + thinking they are totally pinterest worthy (i say this because of them + not in a tooting my own horn kind of way)... i just love them both so much. taylor is my older sister, abel's fairy godmother, the best friend you could ask for + an even better auntie... abel is seriously going to be C R U S H E D when he finds out that he can't marry her one day. she is funny + thoughtful + i love her more than words can say. tylar fits in so great with our family + in the strangest way reminds me of my dad sometimes, like when he explains to you how to make his homemade donuts + doesn't just tell you, but really walks you through it step by step + shows you because he wants you to actually know. anyone who has any of my dad's traits is obviously welcome in my book + aside from that, he is just an awesome guy with a big heart who loves my sister right.
i love you two! thanks for allowing me into this special time, i hope you love your pictures forever!


Lola P said...

Love it!!! It so perfect :) Congrats to your big Sis. You did an awesome work Hillary!!

Shannon G said...

Oh my geeeeesh!! So beautiful!

ldroth said...

Nice Work, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!