estes park + the two faces i love most.

those two faces right there... they make my everyday wonderful. i am so stinkin' lucky to have them both to spend my life with. it's hard to think of our little family growing, as excited as i am, i love what we have right now + it's just strange to think that soon that dynamic will change + from what i hear + hope, only be full of more love. i can't wait to meet our girl, i love her so much already + all of the ways i imagine our family to be with her in it, but i just want to make sure that i do everything in this world to make sure that these two faces still feel like my life, i want them to feel just as loved as i hope they know that they are right now. my boys are the best thing that have ever happened to me, they just make this world a better place to be. i love you two!

^^^the face of a child who uses food mostly as a vehicle for sauce, the ratio of actual fries that he ate to the mustard he sucked off of them... sheesh.
^^^and how we strolled the town... i guess abel is just practicing being helpful for when baby arrives.
^^^what "a kid in a candy shop" looks like :) 

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Audrey Pound said...

ahh! it's a sign!! ...I think you know what I'm talking about...hopefully you know what I'm talking about, otherwise you might think I'm a crazy woman. which isn't not true.