the day i didn't say i do...

...when we got married, we had a traditional catholic ceremony & the words 'i do' are actually never spoken. instead you say all of the things you are vowing to do instead of agreeing with them by saying i do. either way, i DO love chris so stinkin' much & intend to keep all of those promises that i made that day, for the rest of my life. i am the luckiest to be married to my husband. today marks 4 years since we (officially) tied our hearts together & i took his last name. we've had a wonderful life together so far & i know it's only started. i love him more today than i ever have & am surprised with each passing day at how that love continues to grow & change for the better. 
this post includes some of my favorite shots from our ceremony & reception, happy wednesday to YOU & happy anniversary to me & my sweet love!

all photo credit : monica starr brown

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