becoming mrs. salvaggione...

happy tuesday to you!
it's anniversary week for chris & i, hip hip! 
4 whole years of marriage & i am thankful for them. 
i would re-marry chris every single day if it was up to me, except maybe now on the beach... barefoot... with our littles & our family all there, also with endless amounts of mimosas and cake (NOT that i didn't adore our wedding, i'm just sayin' vow renewal... ;))
i didn't start this blog until after we were married & so all of our gorgeous photos have just been sitting in a facebook album all this time, poor quality & all, so i decided this year to share with you some of my favorites from the day & split it up into three different posts! i hope you enjoy part one, photos from before our ceremony! xoxo

all photo credit : monica starr brown
wedding dress: flowers handmade by my sweet mama

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