take me back... L I T T L E M O V I E S

so i finally got around to putting together the video footage from our trip to hawaii last january, and i made not one but TWO precious videos! huzzah! 
the other morning abel requested to watch some of the videos i had made around christmas (he LOVES videos of him and the people he loves), and as i watched his face watching the videos, he lit up... i could have cried it was so sweet, and so i vowed to myself that i'd make more, and more often!! so far this week i've made three... look at that!
cheers to documented memories, lessons from our children, late night editing sessions, hawaii(duh) and how 'bout that slo-mo on my dreamy husband... ;)
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video one:

video two:

*the song used in video one is called Tightrope by Walk the Moon, and the second video is also by Walk the Moon, called Avalanche*

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