california || part two

the second part of our trip was spent in san diego, visiting chris's extended family. they over fed us + made us feel so loved + welcomed. it actually turned out to be my favorite part of our stay, not surprising, as i usually feel that way about family gatherings. one of our nights, we stayed at chris's aunt's house late, playing with the kids, eating, sitting around the fire + just enjoying the company, reminded me of home. 

^^^abel had some of "papa's sandwiches" and loved them (lucy liked it too!). this is a salvaggione tradition + so special to see chris there with his son, as i've seen chris there with his dad, and his dad there with his papa. 
^^^fun in great grandma's kitchen, and below... abel per usual, found the prettiest girl in the room + claimed her. chris' cousin gina... he is going to be so disappointed when he finds out he can't marry her.
below, our kids first time skateboarding + loving every second. they have no fear, i love it + i don't in the exact same sentence... but mostly i love it... with my eyes closed... + constant prayer.

one afternoon on our visit, abel did not want to join us on an outing to go and see the sea lions... i don't think he knew what he was missing out on because he'd have loved it, BUT we love + trust chris' family, so we allowed him to stay back, and went on an outing with Lucy! this was her first time getting all the glory of her parents + it was such sweet time for us with her.

^^^what? another? :)
thanks cali! it was real :)

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