california || part one

my girl gets all the heart eyes, and so does abel at the airport at 3am. he was SO stinkin' excited to go on an airplane and so preciously aware of how big the airport was, never wanting to let go of my hand. we went for a 6am flight, hoping that the kids would sleep straight through it. we were half right, they slept for the second hour, but in all honestly, we learned from this trip that we can really fly anytime of day, because they slept for half the flights both morning + night, but everyone was generally happier during our airport time when they were rested.

our first day, we headed straight for the beach. abel had been singing the guppies song for the past month, so we took him to get his "sand in toes" as fast as our legs (or car, and traffic) would take us. he loooved chasing the birds, and getting his legs splashed by the water. lucy is normally our little fish, but she surprised us and was way more interested in playing in the sand.

when we weren't at the beach, we were at the pool, or seeing friends that warm our hearts + that we don't get to squeeze as often as we'd like! the kids actually napped like champs too, so we spent some time in our room just relaxing, which was surprising, and appreciated.

^^^luxury. this was right after i overflowed the bubble bath in the big jetted tub... didn't think ahead of the bubble/jet combo, oops. the kids loved it, so i got mom points.
^^^when flowered walls call
^^^acai bowls became my new favorite food group. i had one nearly every day of our trip, and we went out and got all the fixin's as soon as we were home so we could make more!
^^^two peas. i love this little family of mine!

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