we are f a m i l y !

i can't read the title without singing it, can you?
over the weekend we headed south to spend the weekend with chris' side of our family. we stopped in colorado springs (where we both grew up + met) to spend time with his mom + ended up eating lunch at the CUTEST restaurant ever, called Shuga's... heart eyes. i don't know if it was the orange ceiling,  bright red door, the drool worthy food, or the company, but overall it was a win. 
^^^my sweet lucy little bit. i could not love this child more. easy + happy. currently in a mom + dad only phase, but soaking it up until she phases back into allowing anyone + their dog hold her :)
^^^umm any bathroom nursing station that is this inviting and adorable gets ten points!
also, abel + his yaya^^^
 all day long i dream of chris salvaggione... still can't believe he's mine^^^
^^^the springs happy wall game is onnn point... foco where my walls at?  
^^^we then drove down to pueblo, where my sister in law and her husband live, admiring pikes peak + all it's glory on the way.

pueblo was pretty much summer time... 75/80 degrees, blue skies and sunny, popsicle deserving weather. perfect for playing in the backyard, strolling downtown + chasing abel in every different direction, which is exactly what we did.
^^^i love his feet off the ground, he has the best dance moves + an even better sense of adventure. i love you abel.
^^^this is abel's new favorite activity with me... "crying" aka Flying like a bird and flapping his little wings while i spin him... it's mostly adorable + i am so excited that pretending is finally here! hoorah! today he brushed his dinosaurs teeth + pushed him in the swing :) 
^^^this is probably my favorite picture from last week. i have to break it down by weeks because i take a billion and five pictures every day + constantly have a new favorite... but this one is it for now!
^^^late night talks at the table... one of my very favorite things.... and after RUNNING through the entire city of pueblo (okay, not really) this little guy was zonked. 

the following day, abel got "don'ts" for breakfast, per his request + chris made everyone else grandma salvaggione's famous french toast, yummmm. it was such a great visit, quality time, 1,000 too many carbs, good conversation + lots of smiles. 
^^^four in a frame + light from Heaven... amen

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