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A lifestyle publication for women that celebrates the authentic living of your best life!

A couple weeks ago (okay a month ago... i'm behind on getting this post up!) Ash & I attended the sweetest little soiree to celebrate the launch of something so special to my heart.
Heart Magazine.
The gathering was held at a most precious champagne bar + was a fun night out, supporting a friend + this brave and incredibly special venture.

Meet Rachel (and her precious family), the founder + beautiful soul behind your newest dose of happy! She's pretty in an obvious way, but what you find out when you get to know her is that her soul is so incredibly wonderful + kind, and that to me is even more beautiful.
You owe it to yourself to have a little piece of her in your life through Heart...  Starting with "the why of heart" post HERE!

Heart features content that takes care of your heart. In its pages you’ll find celebrations of the real, a hand to hold through triumph and tragedy, and authentic stories from women living their best lives. You won’t find suggestions for thousand-dollar outfits, or recipes that leave you cursing and hopeless. No recommendations for a spotless house or creative projects you’ll never master. This magazine promises to encourage new pursuits while also assuring you that you’re just fine, as you are in this very moment.
Whether you’re living your dream life or wondering if it’s normal to still not know what you want to do when you grow up, we hope that you will feel safe within the pages of Heart. We hope you will feel inspired, comforted, and at home.
It is our firm belief that women deserve to feel uplifted. Women deserve to feel connected and supported by others who get it. Women deserve to tell the stories they’re used to hiding, and from that, to find peace and happiness, and feelings they’ve not felt in years.

There is no time like the present to say what you’ve always wanted to say, and to do what you’ve only thought was possible later on. Later isn’t coming. It’s now. Now is the time to share your heart, the time to tell your story, the time to build other women up instead of tearing them down. Now is the time to connect, and grow, and be OK with where you are. That’s the mission of this magazine, friends. To stop waiting for that perfect time to be a perfect person, and to right now, this instant, allow yourself the grace you so desperately deserve.
(Excerpt from Heart)

We seriously need more of this in our lives!
Do yourself a favor today and visit
theheartmag (dot) com
to BE inspired or for an outlet to share and INSPIRE others!

And now a few fun snippets from the launch party! xoxo
**Rachel's Family photo by: Danielle Defiore**
All other photos by me :) 

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