the chores went undone...

multi-tasking to the wind, laundry... get comfy, it'll be a while.

a couple days last week, the weather was praise worthy! (insert praising hands emoji here). for reals though... 80 degrees in march is welcomed with arms from here to there, and the lack of chores, multi-tasking, social media-ing, etc. was a much needed breather for me. i focused solely on my husband and my kids and the conversations with my sisters + my mom. i took a billion pictures and never posted them, gained a few more freckles on my nose, and abel got his first skinned elbow of the season. it got me seriously excited for spring (not the elbow, but it comes with the territory for him)! i'm excited for the swapping of clothes in our closets, trading boots for sandals, beanies for headwraps, warm drinks for iced, and sitting on the patio- drink in hand! 

it's only mid-march, and i live in colorado, so i know that i'm probably jumping the gun here... we are bound to have ATLEAST one or two more snows, but it reset my mind to a place it needed to be reset to. a place less busy + crowded... and for that i am extra thankful. here's to being present, to focusing on the important, to loving well + living well, and letting joy fill you to the brim + over- spreading goodness wherever you go. 

now for a couple pictures of my boyfriends...

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