that time my daughter snuck in half a year on me...

...such a little sweetie! our sunshine is 6 months old, hoorah! i can't believe we are here, i could cry. when they say there is nothing like your first baby, "they" aren't lying. abel's life has flown by so far too, but lucy's is like whoosh, wait what? i wish i could press pause somedays. she's such a sweet spirit, she LOVES her brother, always smiling, baby got back, happy + easy, brings joy wherever she goes! i couldn't have dreamed up a more precious being. thanks for making the past six months the very sweetest possible, i love you little bit!

||  fun facts  ||
she's a sitter upper
loves to try new foods
wants to crawl badly, probably won't be too long (Heaven help me)
is still not shy about telling you any and everything, such a chatty child :)
is currently working through stranger danger + wants to warm up a bit before she goes to anyone other than me or chris
she loves splashing in her bath
seems to have teeth comin' in, but i feel like i've been sayin that for atleast two months so who knows!
she loves waking up at the crack of dawn (yawn)
loves to dance
loves when abel dances (or looks in her direction or does anything at all)

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