it's time for a mix tape...

it's time for a mix tape...
...or pandora station if you are living in 2012 where technology rules & music is right at your fingertips! none the less... here's what's on my playlist!

owl city- dental care
never shour never- trouble
death cab for cutie- crooked teeth
owl city- the bird & the worm
the postal service- such great heights
benjamin gibbard- you remind me of home
hellogoodbye- baby, it's fact
ofer- perfectly unperfect
death cab for cutie- monday morning
owl city- sunburn
never shout never- bigcitydreams
sky sailing- brielle

wanna listen?! pandora radio: owl city radio... CAN'T go wrong :)

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Myranda Su said...

I am so pleased to report that we have the same taste in music! Im talking...EXACT SAME!

Always fun to find : )