Our Favorite Children's Books || Currently

It's no secret that we LOVE books at our house. I will probably still be buying children's books when my children are no longer children. They're truly my favorite thing to buy the kids. We read before bed nearly every night + often times during the day while we are waiting for Chris to come home from work too! The kids will bring a whole pile to the coffee table, we'll dive in + won't stop until everyone's picks have been read. Here are a few of our current favorites!

1. The Pout Pout Fish
We love this book, it rhymes nice + the kids love to do the blub, blub, blub part. I often times find them "reading" this one on their own!

2. Lines that Wiggle
We got this book at Christmas. It's bright + the illustrations are fun. The kids love to follow the lines with their fingers + love pointing out all the lines they see around the house or when we are driving afterward!

3. Sleep Like a Tiger
This book was given to us as a gift + when I read it through to myself the first time, I wasn't sold. I loved the illustrations, but it isn't a rhyming book + I'm a big fan of cute rhyming. I am SO glad we gave it another shot though, because it is now one of our favorites to read at bedtime. The kids have literally sunk down into their covers as I'm reading it, like the girl in the story, and I'm a bigger fan of stress free bed time.

4. The Complete Adventures of Curious George
Truth: This is not my favorite in any way... It is however, Chris' childhood book + has his cute little name inside the cover, and Abel LOVES it. His attention span for reading has lengthened so much + he loves a longer story now. I get weirded out by Curious George smoking a pipe + other strange things that would not be in children's books now ha! Again though, Abel likes it so it made the list.

5. Tickle Monster
This book is it. This has been a favorite in our house since before Lucy was born! We started reading it with Abel when he was just beginning to sit long enough for books at bedtime. The kids laugh + laugh, and we as parents could read it with our eyes closed.

6. Monster Trouble
Cute illustrations, cute little story... Have I mentioned I could buy and read children's books all day?