so we moved...

that's right. we moved :) not far this time though! only to the next state over... ha! and by that i mean, 20 minutes up the road, right on the other side of the border, putting us now in South Carolina. We are renting an adorable house that our sweet friends the Sanfords lived in before they moved to NY! We are still getting settled, but we finally got internet today so I wanted to give y'all an update! below are a few pics from the past week, through iphone of course. love to all! glad to be back on the web :)

packed up my favorite part of our Poppy Hills apartment.
 moved into our precious new home.
 PLove has officially graduated from our kitchen table to it's own room!
 already watched twilight :)
 my favorite place in the house, our screened in porch. we have already spent most of our time here.
 biggest accomplishment.... our closet.
 moving food!!
 all of our pets have been extremely relaxed throughout the move...
 Visited Husband's old stomping grounds, oh the nostalgia...
 Halloween Cards are OUT!!!! ahhhhh!!!!
The last two pictures bring SO much excitement to me! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Already counting down & thinking of our costumessss!!!! :))

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