Sal Family Comes to Visit.

This weekend, Chris' beautiful mom and grandma came to visit us! We had a wonderful time with them! We were in Charleston... only one of my favorite places ever AND we even went on a carriage tour of the city! We watched the last Eagles game of the season, ate... ALOT, showed them our new house, took them uptown where we saw Lenny Kravitz... no biggie, and just enjoyed time spent together. Truly a blessing having them here! Excuse the lack of photos! We were having so much fun, we forgot to take alot hehe :)

these... are my weakness, and were my roadtrip snack down to Charleston.
Our Hotel View of the Ashley River!
breakfast at TOAST.
Last Eagles Game of 2011
got chris to wear my nerd glasses, and he melted my heart in them. also... met this precious pup named pork chop, love him.
 Charleston Tour!
 Our beautiful new home! Can't wait to move in!
 Epicentre. Vida.
 Haircuts for Harlow. She looks adorableeee!!
Such a wonderful weekend :) Thank you Lord!


Lindsay said...

fun fun, I knew I had to read this when a picture of pretzel m&ms came up on my blog roll... those things are too good to be true!! ... and I'm loving your charleston pics... I feel so blessed to be able to live here now!

Stevie said...

Hi! :) You and your husband are soo cute! I actually grew up in Grand Junction, CO and am dating a minor league baseball player, so I know alllll about the CO love and what its like to be with an athlete! Anyways, love your blog!!

Lace said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from the Wiegand's! :) Glad I found your blog.. and love the "project love"