september first is only a few days away! and there are so many reasons to be excited about september :)
to name a few...

summer is over! praise the LORD! don't get me wrong, i enjoy laying poolside, longer days, and a tan... but Fall? yes please.

the weather SHOULD start cooling off, which means snuggling. my favorite thing. and love is in the airrrrr.

wardrobe is gearing up to change. i know i'm not the only one excited for this change either. just yesterday morning at church, on the way in, i noticed differences in attire. jeans, hats, cardigans... it was AWESOME. un-necessary seeing as it was 85 degrees, but AWESOME anyhow. it was a sure sign that Fall is around the corner, and people are getting in the mindset :)
the LEAVES!!! this weekend, i had the pleasure of driving 2 hours to Mt. Airy to pick up Chris's car, (Praise God for providing for us!) and on the drive back I noticed hints of yellow & red in the leaves.... say whaaaaa?! :)))))))) <----- this was me.
TVshows!!! I mentioned this in an earlier post as I was gearing up for Fall back in July.. but now it's finally here! I am seeing ads for my favorite TV shows, starting in Septemberrrr!! weeeee! THIS my friends, is music to my ears. I have strangely been missing blue scrubs and McDreamy & all of the drama that comes along with him.
I'm so excited to announce that my fellow pinners are catching up too! I am now officially NOT the only person pinning Fall Decor, Fall Food, Halloween Ideas, & Fashion for bundling up! score.
And you heard it correctly.... HALLOWEEN ideas. eeeeek! The cards are already out at the store, and they are putting out fall & halloween decor at Walmart(Elle forgive me:) Hobby Lobby, The Grocery Store, etc. In September, it's not crazy to talk about Halloween because it's only a month away... kind of. If any of you are new to the blog... it's important for you to know that I love Halloween. Not really the scary-ness of it all, more just kiddie halloween.... aka: dressing up, hocus pocus, a reason for a party, and CANDYYYY :))
... but i'll try not to jump ahead, this IS September we are talking about here :)
i have so many loved ones with birthdays in september too! my sister in law corrina, my elle, my sister kala, & my cousin's wife... so we'll just call her my cousin, joanna.

the release of Project Love Fall 2011 Collection.

am i getting carried away? i think not. I used to think of September as kind of a blah month. no holidays, back to school, didn't really even like the name... but now i think of it as the transitional month into my favorite season :) weee! i'm sure after i post this, i will think of a million other reasons i am excited about the coming month, but this is what i've got for now! enjoy the last few days of august, it will be a-whole-nother year until you see them again... and praise the LORD for a new month! love to all!

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Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

I can't wait for fall, either. Grey's Anatomy and crock pot soup. Awesome.