chin up buttercup.

and it will be...

i so easily can be sucked into worries that are just NOT that big of a deal.
boy oh boy.
the anxiety sets in & before you know it i am spazzing out & crying, and all of that good stuff. seriously??  seriously...

but it's true. some nights are just 'pint of ice cream kind of nights'
tonight happened to be one.

funny though, how by the time i got home & popped open that deliciousness... i wasn't even upset anymore... i was however, reeeeeeal thankful that i HAD been upset & had a reason to buy that little piece of Heaven :)

i'm happy to report that i did NOT eat the entire thing ha!

life is just life. small hiccups today won't matter that much tomorrow. it's okay to get upset. God created all of our emotions... not just the happy ones. we SHOULD feel! that's what makes us alive! what we shouldn't do is get hung up on the small stuff & stuck in negativity. move on! move through pint of ice cream nights onto grateful tomorrows!

chin up buttercup...
everything's gonna be OK.

**photo courtesy of pinterest**

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Myranda Su said...

My mom has told me chin up buttercup since I was a little girl. Anytime I hear someone say it, or when I read it on your post, I just feel very warm & fuzzy : )

Wonderful words of inspiration!

Happy Valentines Day <3