photo challenge comes to a close.

the final ten!
these photos complete the instagram, january photo a day challenge!
so much fun :) next up? february photo a day challenge!

my shoes.
something old.
guilty pleasure.
something i made... my wedding garter
color... our wedding :)
lunch: yes, somedays.
light, no filter :)
inside our fridge.
me, again.


Marieke. said...

Hi Hillary! Im a friend of Jessica, she recommended your blog to me. You have very nice pictures :) and I really like your style!
I'm from Holland but I love America for it's diversity and it's widespread possibilities to do whatever you like :D It's so inspiring to me :)
I really like the photo a day challenge! Where have you found the list for february? :)
I will keep following your blogs, really like them! :D

xoxo Marieke

Life on Sugar Hill said...

i love jessica :) thank you for stopping by! the photo challenge is on the iphone app: instagram !