happy valentines day.

our valentines day was DELIGHTFUL!
seriously, my favorite valentines day ever.
first of all... i'm married to the best valentine in the world, husband :)
he made our night so so special. he tricked me into thinking that he didn't do anything at all. he just kept apologizing and saying that he couldn't believe he had put it off and not thought of anything to do... ha! well... i came home & what did i find? the coziest of blanket forts EVER... something i had been wanting to do for a loooong time :) complete with twilight, pizza, champagne, flowers, a teddy bear, a card & of course cupcakes... SHAPED into a HEART ladies & gentlemen!! YES, he did it all himself :) he is the best man ever. we love eachother everyday & it is our priority to make eachother feel loved, special, and appreciated... doesn't make Valentines any less fun!

i hope YOUR valentines day was wonderful as well!
happy valentines day! love, harlow

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