Estes Park in the Fall

Narrowing isn't my strong suit & this maybe should have been a two part post, but Estes Trip 2017 (in 2018)! How gorgeous is all of the color!?! It's so brown right now, that going through these photos now actually served me well. The burst of life and color they have gave me an added dose of joy, to help get through to Spring color. On the other hand, looking through these, I can't believe how fast our babies are growing. Abel has lost TWO teeth since this, and the top two are loose too! Otherwise he mostly keeps his look pretty consistent, which helps my heart, since the girls look older every single time I snap a photo of them! I think it's all the hair. It's got to be. Anyhow, I love this sweet family of mine, and I love Estes Park. I want an apple from Laura's as I write this, and can't wait to get back up there this Spring :)
^^^Watching the Elk across the river
^^^Isla is such a hambone!
^^^Lauraaaaaa's, so good.
^^^Bittiest :)
^^^Why is her face just the sweetest ever!?
^^^Chris and his very first catch EVER!