5 years of Abel!

How is my baby five?! 
I vividly remember my pregnancy with him, my labor & the moment that we held him the first time. All of his baby milestones & the fear in being new parents and not really knowing what you're doing, but also just feeling like you love them so much & think that maybe you're actually doing pretty great & it's not anything like you thought it would be, but in the very best way. It really is so incredibly mind blowing how much your heart grows when you have children, and nothing changes you like your first. I prayed that Abel would be gentle & kind, but I honestly couldn't have imagined a boy so wonderful as him. He is greater than my dreams could envision, and kinder than my heart has ever known, and I am so so blessed by him each and every day. 
I love you Abel Maddox, good + generous, and a life giving breath you are!
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