a bit of old world charm.

so charleston was all that i hoped and more. chris and i are already planning a trip down with friends... i for one, can-NOT wait! i wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from the trip with y'all! to see more check the facebook page :) ALSO... if you get a chance to vaca soon... charleston definitely has my vote... 
this place was SO good. strawberry & nutella crepes? yes please.
couldn't pass up a cupcake shop, although i actually preferred their cookies...
WANT theseeeeeeee!!!!!
This is the movie theater that they used when filming 'The Notebook' ahhhh. So cool. Love that movie, totally makes me wish I could have actually experienced the 40's. I love so much about that era.
Okay.... biggest gummy bear EVER. 5 pounds!!!! what the hey?! however... all one flavor... if i designed this gummy bear i would have definitely made it rainbow :)
This is the view from our seat at 'Bowen's Island' VERY cool restaurant. There is writing all over the walls and tables! Pretty sweet... i made a mark for us :) This is ALSO where they shot a scene from the movie 'Dear John' ... no big deal.
Charleston is so gorgeous and SO fun. check it out.
but in the meantime... have you entered in our HUGE Giveaway ?!?!
Love and Blessings! Enjoy your weekend.


Ani said...

so lucky!!! thanks for sharing all your fun!!! love your blog and definetely following you now!!

Ani at http://www.aadreamsblog.blogspot.com/

Lindsay said...

I just found your blog from Casey Wiegand and I'm in love! I'm actually moving to Charleston in August (a few blocks away from the Queen St. grocery that you have pictures of) so all of these pics caught my eye... love!