daddy's girl.

i have always been a daddy's girl, but lately my dad has been on my heart even more than usual. maybe it was father's day that really sparked these feelings, but all i can think about it is my dad :)

he is the sweetest man in the world. he is such a care giver and is so selfless when it comes to his family. on top of his soft nature, he is incredibly strong. this is a man who 4.5 years ago was told that his chances weren't very good, when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. cancer is horrible no matter what, but we all walk around feeling invincible thinking it will never happen to us, or worse.. someone in our family. when it does, it is truly eye opening. i am SO thankful to God for saving him and so thankful for my mom who never let her guard down & stayed strong for everyone while caring for him and praying with every bit of her that God wouldn't take him away... SHE is a-whole-nother post :)

his life is a miracle to me, and thinking about this really just makes me love and appreciate him more even years later! i am not a writer and i usually keep my feelings private and my blog pretty light, but this has been on my heart. i love my dad to the end and back. he is the most wonderful dad in history and being out here in charlotte is way too far! i miss him and i can't wait to hug his neck whenever that is next. i wish that everyone could meet my dad and see his heart, share in conversation with him, enjoy his cooking... those of you who have, know what i am talking about! he is the very best. i love you daddy!!! love, your little brown headed girl.


Addy said...

Your dad is a great cook! :) I think you and I have the best daddies ever!!! :)

Life on Sugar Hill said...

agreed :) miss you!

Addy said...

Miss you more, love!