the weekend & husband.

while time alone is something i thoroughly enjoy... this weekend has been strangely lonely. i am used to husband being away, but i think it's partly because one.. it's a 'holiday' weekend, and two.. a lot of my friends are out of town for the weekend as well. funny how often times when chris is out of town and my friends are here i occasionally opt to just lay low, but now that it's not an option my weekend is wack haha. however, i have accomplished some random things...
cleaned... with cleaners.
spent time loving on the puppkins.
started work on the ProjectLove fall collection.
baked cookies.
listened to some of my favorite podcasts: francisCHAN
found new music. paper bird radio on pandora? thankful that you are now a part of my music library. thank you elle!
caught up on some of my favorite blogs.
hot yoga class.
washed the sheets. ahh, greatest feeling.

mostly though, i have just been missing husband. so i figured i would take a moment to just love him and share it. he is the love of my life. we are going on 8 years this winter and we have been married for one of those now and i STILL feel the awe factor. i can't believe he is mine and i am his. growing together has been a wonderful ride. and believe me... there has been growth. i mean... he helped teach me how to drive. i would hope that we have both grown since then! he is an amazing man. he really knows me and knows my heart and how to take care of it. he is incredibly kind. he has a tough exterior to some, but i know his heart and wish everyone could see how precious it is. he needs love and care just like anyone does, and i am proud to be his wife and to be the one to hold his heart and see every side of him! i am in love with his walk with Jesus, and love being along side him seeing his love for Christ grow and deepen. i trust and respect him as the leader of our family and feel blessed to have him as my partner in life. love, love, love. this is a man i am proud to love. i am thankful that God chose me.
isn't he just great?! can't wait 'til he is home toniiiiight!!! pray for safe travel :)


margaret said...

I think you both are pretty great!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you margaret :) so are you and luke!!! i'm sure yall are swamped this week! let us know if you need any help with anything && also would love to get together this week if yall have time :)