how many more months??

so it happens every year... after 4th of July passes, this girl is ready for fall. i know, i know! most people think of july 4th as the 'start of summer' but in my mind it's kind of the last big hoorah and i'm ready for fall festivities! crazyyy girl. however, because we have a little... okay, alot left of heat and sunshine, i will just dream of the fall and savor the warmth of summer until it arrives!
things to look forward to...
the weather. here in charlotte we are meltinggggg. and believe me, I am taking full advantage of the warm weather, and working on my tan. BUT a cool breeze and a reason to wear a scarf or a good excuse to buy those cute fall boots... puhlease.
fall tv. please & thanks. I can appreciate a good reality tv meltdown as much as the next girl, but by the time august rolls around i’m ready for some good old fashion scripted drama. from gossip girl to grey's anatomy, all my favorites return. don’t you want to find out if stefan on the vampire diaries is ever coming back? or if naomi from 902 really has a bun in the oven?! the wait is almost over, weeee!
the leaves. how gorgeous is autumn? i feel like it is one of God's favorite seasons too! the leaves change colors, from green to orange and red, yellow and brown, the perfect autumn color palate. my only question is, why does anyone rake them? they are so great to look at, and provide excellent cushioning for Project Love shoots. plus, we all need a picture throwing leaves in the air.. come on, you know you want one.
all the pumpkin. it's back! fall food at it's best. when is there a better time to get a caramel apple spice at starbucks. not to mention the goodies only on the fall menu: the pumpkin cream cheese muffin or the pumpkin scone. BUT if you aren't pumpkin crazed like me, you could always try an old standby. caramel corn. pumpkin pie. candy corn. apple pie. chocolate chip pumpkin bread. caramel apples. take your pick.
the fashion. the boots. the bags. the boyfriend sweaters. that perfect fall weather? it’s perfect for all of my favorite fall accessories. tights & leggings. jackets. knit hats. scarves of every fabric and color combination imagineable. fashion week is in september for a reason.
the holiday season. first; only one of my FAVORITE holidays, halloween. which actually starts in september when hobby lobby puts out all of their cute fall home decor. then it's not to long until thanksgiving, and by then the Christmas commercials have already started and i definitely pump the holiday jams. so really, when you think about it that way, we might as well call labor day weekend the start of the holiday season :)
the activities. pumpkin picking. cookie baking. football games. corn mazes. pumpkin carving. fall festivals. concert season. hayrides. fall is the perfect time to embrace your inner five-year-old, music to my ears.
the perfect setting for snuggling. remember that fall weather I mentioned? and all those fun fall activities? what better way to end a day of pumpkin picking than to curl up on the couch with husband. wrapped up in a warm wool blanket, grab a few cups of hot chocolate and unwind. pure bliss.
ahhh... can't wait.
until then though; we still have sunglasses, sunshine, and days by the pool :))
enjoying it while it lasts! what's YOUR favorite season and why?!


Alyss said...

Why fave season is winter because of basically all the reasons you love the fall. Here is SoCal, it's still blazing in the fall. It's takes til about January to finally cool off. I love whipping out the jeans, boots, and scarves.

Emily said...

I loovveee spring because everything blooming and is super colorful! And it smells like rain and flowers :]

Life on Sugar Hill said...

love all these reasons friends! God is truly wonderful! so creative :)

Addy said...

Autumn is my favorite season by far! I'm like you....I've been waiting for fall to come already! I love the weather--perfect for cups of tea and snuggling. And I'm so excited to start layering again with scarves and light jackets. And there is definitely nothing more beautiful than Autumn in Colorado. Ahhh can't wait :)

Kelli DeGrazier said...

found you from followers fest : ) I am your newest follower. Stop over and follow me too if you like!


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from follower fest. I also love fall, although it's still pretty warm out here in Cali. I'm loving Grey's still (watching it now actually) and adore those boots!

Digger said...

Hello! I found your blog through the Follower Fest going on at Casey's. I'm now a follower of your blog too. I love the fall too! Cuddle time!!

Digger ~xoxo~