this past week.

this past week on SUGAR hill...

 went back to my roots... literally :)
 cooked in the kitch with husband.
 spent time with some lazy & tired puppkins.
we got a couch cover! weeeee!
went back to dance!
 it got pret-ty steamy here in char-town.
 the romeos hosted best and i for a delicious meal.
like i said... delicious. i know your mouth is watering.
 celebrated gibson's birthday, complete with pop rocks.
 more celebrating.
found sweet leaf in a bottle, in charlotte. if this were twitter i'd hashtag, #win.
 chris got the sweetest picture EVER of mom & dot sleeping in together :)
hip hop camp.

great week!
tomorrow... hip hop camp, a Project Love meeting that could open lots of doors (PRAYERS please), eagles social, and hot yoga (chris is coming, yayy)!!
next week... teaching BootCamp & family comes to town!! BEYOND excited.

if you have NOT already *liked* Project Love or my Choreography Page on Facebook, or subscribed through YouTube... please do! I would appreciate it so much! You can do so by clicking the links or going to the sidebar on this page!

love to ALL of you sweet friends!

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Addy said...

I hope the PLove meeting went well!!!