a weekend with sister.

this weekend, my older sister came to visit us! we had SUCH a wonderful weekend. it was a great blessing getting to spend time with her, and we are thankful that she chose to spend some of her vacation days here with us! here are some of the highlights from the weekend, can't wait for our next visit! i love you sister!!

she arrived! yayyy! her flight was delayed out of DIA due to weather & it was almost guaranteed she wasn't going to make her connecting flight in ATL to get to Charlotte. THANKFULLY there were delays in atlanta too! so she made it to us safe and sound, just a little later than planned :) LOVE late nights.
we slept in soooo late the next morning... like almost noon late!! the pets spent some quality snuggle time with their auntie tay & we all ate breakfast together... bagel sandwiches, yummm.
had to go to caribou. mint condition? de-lish. AND guess what peeps... i found a coffee drink i like! this is HUGE because i do not like coffee AT ALL. a turtle mocha from caribou coffee, slurp! SO good. probably because it tastes like a snicker bar and not like coffee ha! either way.. yumm.
later that evening...
taylor experience her first eagles game and met my best!
it rained the entiiiire game which has NEVER happened while we've lived here & left us with soggy seats. but what can you do, and atleast we got some cute pics out of it :)
saturday we woke up bright and early so that we could have the entire day to go and do! we went to the farmers market in matthews, found a cute little coffee shop where i enjoyed the most delicious vanilla chai EVER... seriously, tasted like autumn in a cup.
when we got home i was able to shoot some great pictures of tay for the most recent, 'how to wear your love' post. then it was off to sushi, stacey's, and then out for some wine & good conversation.
Sunday we were so excited to show her our church, Elevation. we LOVE it and were happy we could share it with someone that we love so much. we HAD to take her to the flying biscuit for breakfast, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, and finally.... the SUN! poolside with sister is the best.
last stop... yoforia. i talked it up to her the entire trip. she was impressed :)
WONDERFUL, wonderful trip. i miss her already & am so thankful to have her as my sister. it was such a blessing having this time with her & i hope our next visit is sooooon!!
now it's back to the two of us. and of course the pets. love my husband, off to spend some quality time with him. have a wonderful week!


Addy said...

So glad you girls had so much fun! Cute pictures of y'all!! :)

Life on Sugar Hill said...

You are SO sweet addy. i appreciate you always commenting and being so so kind. it really makes my day :) i love you!